Our Zero Carbon Approach

We design low carbon and carbon positive buildings which help to improve the environment. Our aim is to create buildings that look to be carbon neutral within ten years and that will generate more energy than they require. Our material selection process focuses on low embodied energy and reuse after demolition.

There’s no doubt that climate change is here and it’s part of our ethos to encourage everyone in the building industry to rethink their habits and tackle this issue. We’re fully committed to sustainable building and this is reflected in every design we do.

Most recently, we’ve been on-site with the revolutionary Cliff House development. This project will deliver the UK’s first zero carbon and zero waste design and it’s a fantastic example of how sustainable architecture can work in modern life.

When this architectural approach is brought together with MMC, it becomes a powerful commodity that can truly impact the future of construction in this country.

Cliff House
Cliff house
Cliff House