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IQ Brighton

At IQ Brighton and part of our strategic review, we found a few ways additional rooms could be added and under-utilised spaces could be converted into rooms.

As part of this we reconfigured the entrance and rebranded the spaces, including a new ground floor amenity space.

Alongside this, after applying and being granted consent for additional student rooms we allowed for disabled access to the entire property by using an additional platform lift to connect the two cores with level access.

We were also careful to include a games room and communal space for the students at ground floor level and upgraded the reception area.

After moving the entrance to a location that allowed for level access, a flow was created from this space to the rear gardens, to encourage use of this previously under-used space.

There were a few undersized and underused games rooms and these were converted to rooms, so all communal activity could be focused around the entrance and garden.

Alongside this, the addition of private dining allowed for a full service building that worked for the needs of modern students.

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