Portfolio / Queensway


Alongside Bourne Capital architects we’re leading the redevelopment of Queensway to include retail, new offices, repositioning the Queensway Ice and Town, two residential developments, a rooftop development, a new build infill project and an extension to Olympia Mews for a co-working space.

To bring the project into one cohesive package, we’re working with a few interior designers and retail specialists to deliver the retail units as landlords, architects and the project as a whole. Weight restrictions on the existing building and car park has meant the residential design needed to incorporate a modular approach. However, they are traditional in approach to fit with the conservative nature of Westminster council for this location.

Therefore, we’ve simplified the elevation to minimise decoration but kept the scale, proportion and rhythm of the street to create a backdrop building. The biggest challenge with a project like this one is creating this style of elevation with a modular system.

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