Studio Anyo work with developers advising design teams for the design and delivery of modular projects around the world. Developed from our ongoing partnership with CitizenM, we have worked together to develop solutions for the hotel industry working with all major brands to find modular solutions for most 3 and 4 star brands including Courtyard by Marriott, Garden Inn by Hilton and Aloft by Starwood. In addition to offering full design services across all project stages, we offer design advise to architects and design teams to support the translations of modular solutions into reality. We advise on the practical issues and how best to develop the facades to minimise design conflicts in planning or architectural terms to ensure the design aspirations of projects are met while maximising the cost and programme benefits of modular construction. We are also developing solutions for the student residential market, the private rented social housing and housing for purchase market where modular construction can bring many cost and programme benefits. The relationship with modular suppliers allows us to support R&D projects throughout Europe where we can test solutions and new concepts to ensure all the issues with modular delivery can be tested and resolved. Contact for further information.