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Downs Road Hackney Wick


Contract Value: Confidential
Completion: Q2 2021
We have replaced the existing petrol filling station, the car repair garage and car breakers yard with a new commercial hub for small businesses and high quality homes above. The predominant material of the development is brick with concrete fins. The building on the right of the entrance relates to the existing terrace along Downs Road in scale and proportion, acting as an end to the row and the start of the proposed development. The left hand side building projects further to Downs Road as a gateway into the development. The glazed ground floor of both buildings allow people to get a view into the commercial activities at this level and thus provide a welcoming meandering entrance into the site. Ground floor Nolli Plan identifying where fenestration and openings are. Walls can be expressed as solid, open, glazed or colonnaded, providing entrance points and walkways etc We created as much external space as possible by proposing a communal street through the site, with courtyards and sunken gardens off it. These spaces are used for socialising as break out work spaces, events or pop up markets, which will create a social atmosphere and a community environment    
Project: Downs Rd Address: 1a Downs Rd, Hackney Client: Union Developments  
  • Planning was approved in 2016, Completion to be in 2020
  • 79 private residential units
  • Commercial Space on LG & GF. 1978m2 B1 / 425m2 B1,A1,A3 / 109m2 B1/D1 / 161m2 B1/D2 / 857m2 SG. Total Commercial Area 3530m2
  • 2 car parking spaces