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Completion: Ongoing

Duncton house, with the site being located within the countryside, outside any settlement policy area the design used local building vernacular and was planned to replicate a barn type setting. The kitchen was created using an oak frame as an addition to the house. The plans included a basement swimming pool, music room and four bedrooms. 

Wanborough Barn, the site is located in the small Surrey village of Wanborough. The design approach took an existing agricultural barn building and looked to express its key architectural form. The building contains three contemporary homes set within the existing volume.

We have been continuously involved with one off residential projects to support our client base where required. These have involved listed buildings, extensions to existing residential units and new build. Our approach to residential differs from our commercial works, given the planning sensitivities these tend to be traditional designs with modern interiors. The client requirements for homes tends to be the prime driver and we do not impose a house style on these projects.