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Hilton Bournemouth


Contract Value: £5,000,000
Completion: n/a
We were briefed with the task of meeting two key criteria for the existing hotel building. The first is a desire to extend and enhance the existing Hilton ‘ballroom’/function space in order to create a larger capacity events space. The ballroom currently accommodates function space for c.300 people. Studio Anyo proposed a combination of flexible partitions and a new ground floor event space which will also attract smaller event opportunities with up to 100 people which can all run simultaneously without disruption, whilst also maintaining a clear internal connection to the inside of the hotel.  
The second key part of our proposal is to use this opportunity to readdress the disappointments of the landscaping on the current site and also the ‘first impression’ approach to the Hilton Hotel. As such, we are seeking to create a more considered, higher quality and more unified urban landscape frontage from the ‘start’ of the Hotel frontage all the way up/along to Terrace Road. The ‘Pavilion’ extension itself will include a semi-intensive green roof and a series of planters in order to tie in with the wider landscape strategy for the Hotel’s main entrance and the restaurant area, the summary of which is seeking to soften the whole approach.