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Meet James Walsh, Founder of Studio Anyo

James Walsh

James Walsh has had an interesting and impressive architectural career date. Here are a few facts that you may not know about the founder of Studio Anyo.

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Michael Lynas: “Architecture is the perfect combination for me; I liked Maths, Science and Art – not many jobs are combinations of all of those things.”

Michael Lynas

Michael has a close relationship with his family who lives around Guisborough – a lovely ancient market town. He shares that the best thing about his hometown is that it’s surrounded by beautiful country side, a wonderful place to grow up.

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Getting up close and personal with Architect Patricia

Patricia Gonzalez

Patricia grew up in Spain, a country renowned for its hospitality, laid back lifestyle, culture and historic cities. She takes pride in her great relationship with her family and fondly recalls spending quality time exploring forests and mountains at the weekends.

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Meet Architect Maedi from Germany

Maedi is a German native who loves the outdoors. She treasures her childhood memories at her hometown where she spent lovely summers by the lake. She then went to Berlin to study and experience the big city life. After which, Maedi migrated to Dublin which she says is a great city full of friendly people with the perfect mix of city and rural life.

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