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Meet Architect Maedi from Germany

Maedi is a German native who loves the outdoors. She treasures her childhood memories at her hometown where she spent lovely summers by the lake. She then went to Berlin to study and experience the big city life. After which, Maedi migrated to Dublin which she says is a great city full of friendly people with the perfect mix of city and rural life.

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Become acquainted with our lovely Architect Giulia

Meet another member of our firm, Giulia who has been surrounded by Architecture all of her life. How so? Imagine growing up in Venice, imagine studying architecture in Venice! Giulia loves Venice and its architectural relation with water and rich history. She is grateful to have studied in her hometown, which she describes as an open air museum.

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Meet Kaldon Smith, a well-rounded architect from Australia

Kaldon is another seasoned architect at our firm. He hails from Sydney, Australia which he adores very much given its vibrant city and equally beautiful beaches. This does not stop him from exploring other countries though. He has also fought and won in a Muay Thai competition.

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Meet Simon Roscoe, our dedicated Senior Architect from Bath

Our staff is our greatest asset. They are an integral part our company and we are truly grateful for all their hard work and enthusiasm towards attaining our goals and upholding the company’s mission. We value each and every one of them and we would love for you to know

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