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“I realised I loved creating things for a purpose, little things that when combined as a whole make a huge impact to the user.”

Seanine originally from Derry, has lived in Newcastle for the past 6 years. Since graduating from university in July 2018 Seanine began her career with Create Architecture & is now very excited to be part of the Studio Anyo team!

What are you working on now?

I am working on various projects, two bespoke residential refurbishment and extensions. One being Colonial style and the other sleek and modern. As well as the refurbishment of an old Station house in St. Albans, which will be converted into an Artisan Tap Room operated by Popes Yard Brewery.

What do you love about architecture?

I have always been a very creative person, always finding a way to make a project/design look a bit obscure or different to the norm. When I first started Technology & Design in school I realised I loved creating things for a purpose, little things that when combined as a whole make a huge impact to the user.

I love the versatility within the job, the range of projects which I have worked on makes everyday different. Whether its helping the client create their forever home, the upgrading of a town football club or working alongside a local charity to refurbish an old pub into care accommodation. So being able to  be part of the design process for many different sectors is very exciting, challenging & overall rewarding.

What’s your favourite building?

The Sage Gateshead

The Sage Gateshead has always caught my eye since moving to Newcastle 6 years ago. The music venue is structurally three different buildings, insulated to control acoustics. The three buildings are housed within the famous glass and steel shell which mimic the surroundings of the Tyne. The details within the building have been carefully considered to allow the sound profile to be changed to suit any type of music. Curtains that can be drawn across featured ribbed wooden side walls and ceilings that can be raised and lowered are some of the details that allow the ideal music space for all.

These fine details are the reason why I choose Architectural Technology, the challenge behind making a building work whilst being aesthetically pleasing is the most enjoyable part of the job.

What’s the best project you have worked on?

The best project I have worked on so far is the current been Baxby Manor project, the refurbishment of existing farm buildings surrounding the listed manor house in the beautiful  York countryside. The redevelopment will include a wedding venue, guest accommodation, Spa, new residential property as well as an onsite Brewery The project has the potential to be many other things, so this is very exciting to see how it develops!


Seanine Hasson

Where are you from?

Northern Ireland

Favourite Country


Best City


Favourite Music

A wee bit of everything

What are you reading?

Where the Crawdad sings

What are you watching?

Line of Duty

Favourite Movie

Pretty Woman

Favourite Pastime?

Cooking or going out for food


London Office

3 Futura House; 169 Grange Road London SE1 3BN

North East Office

Fusion Hive, North Shore Road, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NB