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Teesdale House

The Teesdale House project was for the conversion of what had been used as a local authority office back into a residential property.

Due to the use by the local authority, it had considerable internal alterations when the client purchased the building.

We were involved in the project from before the client purchased the property and we were initially asked to look at the viability of the project, and to liaise with the local authority and English Heritage to establish the best use for the building, while respecting the listed status.

Through successful negotiations with both conservation and planning officers, we were granted permission to convert the building to six apartment and three double storey houses.

We began by conserving the existing facade and historical details while removing the inappropriate additions, added over the years. Once the construction was completed, we also carried out interior finishes, which allowed the client to sell all the properties during stage five of construction.

The project was put forward for a local authority environmental award and was commended for its conservation and reissue of its listed building status.

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