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Orford Mews

Carbon Positive Zero Construction Waste Mixed-Use Development. Carbon Positive definition of this development:

In conjunction with GS8 Developments we’re lead architects, alongside a strong design team, which includes KLH Sustainability and Elliott Wood Engineers, to deliver a first of its kind sustainable scheme in Walthamstow village in London.

The project is for a private mews development, which is currently an industrial investment but with planning permission to redevelop it to nine homes.
These will consist of eight houses and one apartment, alongside 250sqm of creative industry workspace, all enclosed in a gated mews.

This Oxford Mews scheme is a pilot for the new pioneering carbon and energy positive zero waste framework, which aims to make further sustainable commercial developments globally once this pilot is completed. The design takes into consideration the neighbouring rows of terraced housing and respects privacy with the massing, form and elevations of the build.

The roof has been designed to capture direct UV through the PV’s incorporated into the roof design.
The windows have been sized to give maximum light but minimum overheating and, living and garden spaces are generous with materials reused from the demolition, or from new materials sourced locally.

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