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Mercury House is a five storey office and retail building sitting opposite London’s Waterloo station. We’ve been carrying out an extensive refurbishment of the building, with each floor being stripped of its old, dated design.

Instead, we’re replacing and upgrading the space to a modern office that suits the needs of a busy capital business centre. Taking inspiration from the industrial history of the Waterloo area and the station in particular, we carefully chose the interiors for the space, which resulted in a high-quality hand-picked feel.

Alongside individual office spaces, kitchen areas and breakout spaces, the fourth floor was designed as a co-working space and features meeting rooms and a large roof terrace for socialising alongside the views of London. The other fantastic feature of this building is that due to the nature of the building’s construction there’s the potential for it to expand vertically in the future – which is where the modular programme strategy would work beautifully.

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