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Contract Value: n/a
Completion: varies
ANYO were invited to redesign the Yotel room for a modular global roll out of Gen 3 Air product. The room has been designed as a series of prefabricated elements with infill floor and wall panels to allow prefabrication for the rooms to create a product that can suit refurbishment situations. It is envisaged these hotels will be within existing airports around the world with limited access and difficult logistic restrictions. All the components will be pre-fabricated and reassembled rapidly on site with minimal site works aside panel connection and service connection.
The bathroom / bedroom concept also allows for shower only options and bunk bed options which maximises flexibility in layout and commercial offer. The concept is each component is prefabricated and rolled into site as a prefabricated element with wall, floor and ceiling panels completing the design in rapid site install. The interior concept takes inspiration from airport futurism and the Yotel brand colours for a fun an innovative room design and material palette.