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Contract Value: £100,000,000
Completion: Planning Stage
This project is for the design of 492 mid-range apartments in the private rental sector. It includes ground-floor retail and crèche. The site is currently partly developed and the scheme is being designed to accommodate, where possible, the existing lines of the structure. The scheme comprises three fourteen storey blocks using two single-aspect basic modules: bedroom and kitchen/living. The building aligns with the existing urban grain and is oriented to maximise solar gain and depth-of-light penetration.
The scheme is designed from the outset as a residential modular scheme and seeks to bring a strong design proposal to challenge the preconceptions of modular residential design. The main challenge was to respond to the single aspect inherent in an efficient modular design. We created an oriel-type window within the lounge, which showcased the architectural approach, allowing panoramic views of the landscape and creating a unique space within the apartments. We are providing full architectural and interior design services, using local compliance specialists.