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Contract Value: Confidential
Carbon Positive Zero Construction Waste Mixed-Use Development. Carbon Positive definition of this development: generate more energy than it requires to operate over the course of a year where the excess energy offsets its embodied carbon over its first 25 years in operation. Multidisciplinary design team: cross-sector collaboration and results-driven design. Design Steps to achieve carbon positive: Form, Facade, Building Fabric, Airtightness, Mechanical services Optimised Structure, structural spans limited to 4m or less to accommodate standard timber construction and avoid the use of steel Compact Massing, minimise heat loss Orientation Roofs to optimise solar renewable energy generation Energy Strategy, efficient building systems Occupants Behaviour (GS8 App, smart meters, gamification, Lifestyle guide, etc.)
Landscape Design, edible plants, Community Uses (Garden, well-being Space, Outdoor Kitchen, Reuse and Sharing room) Process: Three models: embodied carbon, operational carbon and cost in focus. Passive Design Measures: Orient the building within 20% of the East-West axis to optimise for winter solar heat gains, daylighting, and solar energy generation Achieving carbon positive on a residential building development requires the design team to select products, systems, and technologies to minimise emissions at each life cycle stage through design, procurement, construction, operations, and end-of-life.