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Contract Value: Confidential
Completion: Varies
The proposed design will make the hotel building an easily recognisable feature within the local context, ensuring a place that is easy to locate and navigate around by someone who has never been there before. The new development’s architecture will have a role in helping an area to form a strong identity.  It will respond to the local historical character of the site – there is a physical connection between the site history and the new design of the building. The main inspiration of the design is the historical landmark – the Abbey. The new development is a learning form, it enhances the knowledge about history and culture. The design creates a strong visual connection with the historical building and also with the neighbouring buildings. Creating views out of the site will also help to give the new development a greater sense of local identity and place.
The construction of the new development will be a modular construction type (MMC). This type of building provides significantly less disturbance to the environment surrounding the construction site and in particular local residents. Due to the fact that these buildings are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, the material wastage is greatly reduced and they have highly efficient use of energy in their construction and use. It is also possible the modular building can be constructed with recyclable and recycled materials in part.