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I’m from Redcar, a small seaside town in the north east. I look forward to every Sunday morning when I get to spend two hours immersed in the world of Formula 1.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on two projects Nursery Lane and Ripple Road. Two very exciting mixed-use schemes making use of modern construction materials and attractive design.

What do you love about architecture?

I love the idea of creating a space that becomes so important in a persons life, sometimes without them even knowing. For example a family or first home, a school or a workplace.

What’s your favourite building?

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Such an important building through the history of Liverpool and the design definitely reflects that. Despite the incredible design it is the romanticism of the story that appeals to me. With construction beginning in the late 1800s and finishing almost 100 years later it very much rose with the City and the people surrounding it. It was an honour to have my graduation ceremony held there.

What’s the best project you have worked on?

Orford Mews – The UKs first Carbon positive and zero waste Residential scheme, my first proper introduction to stage 4 design work. The innovation in the design and the technical information will be prevalent in the rest of my career and in the industries future.


Owen Findlay

Where are you from?


Favourite Country


Best City


Favourite Music

Rock & Jazz

What are you reading?

How to build a car by Adrian Newey

What are you watching?

It’s always sunny in Philidelphia

Favourite Movie


Favourite Pastime?

Karting & going to the gym


London Office

3 Futura House; 169 Grange Road London SE1 3BN

North East Office

Fusion Hive, North Shore Road, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2NB