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We know that modern methods of construction will change the way we build. It already has, however, until we set up MODE, there has not been a one-stop solution for developers, investors or landowner. MMC has been the preserve of the few, typically bigger companies with the resources to pull together all the elements of MMC.

MODE works with you guiding through the entire process so all, no matter how big or small, can harness the benefits of Modular construction. We design, cost and deliver MMC solutions for our clients in a simple, transparent way led by the best minds in the industry.

We have brought together industry thought leaders and disruptors who are challenging the way buildings are developed. Our sole aim is to deliver much more certainty early in the development process, and to improve viability by attacking the wholesale waste and inefficiency that currently exists in the design & construction process

Our innovative and disruptive approach to the development process, is centered around a unique modular system that is capable of mass customisation to suit multiple building forms and complex development sites. We also use cutting AI software to improve speed and certainty and to assess sensitivity of options in real time with clients.

Dudden Hill development, central planter with seating and people nearby
Studio Anyo architectural project



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