Getting to know Architect Kemi up close

Say hello to Kyamiran, our architectural assistant at Studio Anyo. Kemi as we fondly call her is from Krumovgrad, a small town in Bulgaria. She loves the nature surrounding her hometown and its great community spirit. She says being in town is like being at her own home. She also has a soft spot for Turkey where Kemi completed her degree in Architecture. 

Read on to know more about her personal and career endeavors.

Kyamiran Resmi Architect Fact File

What are you working on now?

I am working on a new software called KREO. It is being developed by Anyo, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create feasibilities. It’s a work in progress but once completed, it will have the ability to perform tasks accurately and efficiently. I also contribute to other projects such as Meeting House Lane and doing feasibilities for Hillingdon.

What do you love about architecture?

I love the aspect of design in architecture. It is very special to me because it allows me to use my imagination. We can dream and travel to places that don’t exist, but as an architect, we are empowered to turn our imagination into something real, by creating it. 

What’s your favourite building?

Bruder Klaus Chapel by Peter Zumthor
Bruder Klaus Chapel by Peter Zumthor

I like the Bruder Klaus Chapel by Peter Zumthor for two reasons: The use of natural materials incorporated in the design and the collaboration with the local farmers to build the chapel who wanted to honour their patron saint, Bruder Klaus of the 15th century.

Interestingly, the structure was constructed from 112 local pine trees cut and arranged into a kind of wigwam. Upon completion of the frame, layers of concrete were poured and rammed atop the existing surface. When the concrete of all 24 layers had set, the wooden frame was set on fire, leaving behind a hollowed blackened cavity and charred walls. Up until now, you can still see and smell the trees in the building. Fascinating, isn’t it?

What’s the best project you have worked on?

The best project I have worked on so far is Meeting House Lane because I was involved in every stage – from the very beginning, including its feasibility study. It’s important for an architect, myself included to be involved in all parts of the project as you can see its progress in time.

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