Grand Designs TV – Michael Lynas, Thursday 23rd July 8:00 pm

Michael Lynas is delighted to be featured in the last ‘Grand Design Live from home’ show of series 1 on Thursday, 8:00 pm.

He will join Kunle Barker who will host the event and  Ben Spencer from GS8 developments. These design and architectural experts will discuss the groundbreaking Carbon/Energy Positive, zero-waste scheme at Orford Mews.

Visit @GrandDesignsTV on Instagram for more details.

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Meet Simon Roscoe, our dedicated Senior Architect from Bath

Our staff is our greatest asset. They are an integral part our company and we are truly grateful for all their hard work and enthusiasm towards attaining our goals and upholding the company’s mission. We value each and every one of them and we would love for you to know them better through this compilation of fun facts – from their lists of favourites to their career insights.

We first interviewed Simon, one of our senior architects from Bath. In this feature, he shares how architecture is important for him and his fascination in building things that encourages him to design better.

Simon Roscoe Architect Fact File

What are you working on now?

 I have been actively involved in various projects which allow me to fully utilise my design and architectural expertise.

IQ Bankside – A student accommodation where the existing building will be refurbished into a sustainable development through mechanical ventilation system and other upgrades. Improving the quality of the building will reduce its’ impact on the environment and have a positive effect on the students’ well-being, as evidenced by a study conducted beforehand.

Queensway – This high-profile project, opposite Hyde Park, is challenging as it contains elements of high-end residential, retail, affordable housing and mixed-use office space. We have to make sure that the schemes work perfectly in every way. It will be a really stunning scheme once completed.

What do you love about architecture?

We live and work in architecture, and we travel through it; having that ability to shape people’s space is great.

I had a taste of both architecture and carpentry when I was younger. I worked as a junior carpenter for several months, and later as a junior assistant at an architectural firm, prior to pursuing my studies.

I still continue to build things because I believe that being hands-on reinforces my architectural skills. I always challenge myself by asking “How will I build that” when designing something.

What’s your favourite building?

Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana otherwise known as Square Colosseum in Rome
Square Colosseum, Rome

I love Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana otherwise known as Square Colosseum in Rome. It is basically a modern interpretation of the colosseum. It has the proportions of the colosseum but in a cube format. It is historically rich and particularly symbolic to the district of Esposizione Universale Roma, exemplifying its monumentality. I think it’s amazing!

What’s the best project you have worked on?

I am most proud of the 2 CitizenM Hotels we built. I led the Shoreditch scheme and was involved from inception to delivery site. I was directly responsible for project delivery of this innovative Modular build, and although it was challenging I enjoyed the challenge of having to resolve problems on a daily basis.

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Kunle Barker amongst the judging panel in the 2020 British Homes Awards

Our very own Kunle Barker is amongst the judging panel in the 2020 British Homes Awards!

This prestigious event honours every aspect of housebuilding from one-off, new-build house to large-scale developments. The categories range from interiors to landscaping, and individual extensions to placemaking on a grand scale.

Overall, the illustrious judging panel – made up of leading professionals from each sector of the building industry will be examining entries that demonstrate innovation in design, delivery and originality – and essentially how a design brief has been brought to life.

This is an immense opportunity for home builders, developers, housing associations, architects and interior designers to feature their extraordinary projects and to earn that ultimate industry accolade.

Get to know more about Kunle by clicking here.

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Kunle Barker to judge in the following categories for the 2020 British Homes Awards

Kunle Barker is a highly recognised design expert who has delivered high profile projects and has won several awards. This year, he has been chosen to render his knowledge and expertise at the 2020 British Homes Awards as one of the esteemed judges.

He will be judging on the following categories:

Best interior design: Development – Entries should demonstrate how the designer has communicated the developer’s vision and engaged the target buyer.

Best interior design: Individual home (under £500,000 and over £500,000) – Judges will look for evidence of the designer’s unique response to the challenges of the property and the needs of its owners, with a focus on space planning, finishes, colours and furnishings.

Home extension of the year – Entries should display quality and innovation in interpretation of the design brief.

Regeneration scheme of the year – With brownfield land at the forefront of the housing debate, this new award goes to an outstanding residential project acting as a catalyst for renewal and growth in an urban or rural setting.

Sustainable development of the year – This award recognises new or retrofit schemes that enhance the comfort and lifestyle of residents through energy efficiency, health technology and/or sustainable materials.

See the rest of the categories here.

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