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We know that modern methods of construction will change the way we build. It already has, however, until we set up MODE, there has not been a one-stop solution for developers, investors, or landowners. MMC has been the preserve of the few, typically bigger companies with the resources to pull together all the elements of MMC. MODE works with you guiding through the entire process so all, no matter how big or small, can harness the benefits of Modular construction. We design, cost, and deliver MMC solutions for our clients in a simple, transparent way led by the best minds in the industry.

For larger organisations, they may well understand MMC, Modular, or Offsite construction. However, how and when do they use it, how do they access the right talent pool and who should they be working with? Well, Anyoffsite helps clients to understand how, when, and why MMC construction could work for them. We help you understand the benefits, risks, and how to implement modular construction in a way that is of benefit to your organisation, be that a local authority, developer, or landowner.

Create Architecture and Studio Anyo have aligned forming Anyo Technical, with the objective of offering a complete design solution, harnessing the best of both Design & Technology. Anyo & Create, share a common ethos of design led architecture backed up and delivered with a strong technology base to allow us to be at the forefront of sustainable and modern construction.

Imagine being able to extend your home or build a garden room with a guarantee of costs and quality. Now imagine that we could deliver an extension in just four weeks instead of 6 months and a garden room in 2 weeks instead of 3 months. At InFrame we guarantee these times as well as fix costs and bespoke architecturally designed accommodation. We use a panelised form of modular construction that means the old days of low-quality projects, going over budget, and taking too long are a thing of the past. That’s the InFrame promise.

Twenty years ago, Michael Lynas & Kaldon Smith started Lynas Smith. An architectural studio with the goal to create outstanding residential and commercial architecture in London. Over the year the company grew and delivered some amazing projects, Monohaus, Warehaus, to name just two. Experts in developing underutilised sites and gaining enhanced planning consent, Lynas Smith has now joined Studio Anyo and has strengthened the studios’ residential credentials.



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