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For larger organisations, they may well understand MMC, Modular or Offsite construction. However, how do they use it, when do they use, how do they access the right talent pool and who should they be working with. Well, Anyoffsite helps clients to understand how, when and why MMC construction could work for them, We help you understand the benefits, risks and how to implement modular construction in a way that is of benefit to your organisation, be that a local authority, developer or landowner.

What is MMC

Also known as Advanced Manufacturing for Construction (AMC), Offsite Construction (OSC), Pre-Manufacturing, Modular, Precision Manufactured Homes (PMH), Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), Prefab (PFFFF) L and many other names organisations appear to make up to suit themselves.

Our definition of MMC is very simply:

“a method of employing the latest digital technology and implementation of simple processes to improve productivity in the construction industry, both on and off site. This includes offsite manufacture of structures, components, assemblies and products together with onsite productivity improvements”.

If this short statement is broken down into its component parts there is of course a huge amount of complexity in the detail and this is where a mindset change is needed; and where the services of an independent, experienced design, manufacture and delivery team is needed.

How do I make my design work with Modular Construction?

This is a question we are often asked by clients when a design has been prepared without first thinking about how a design for manufacture and assembly mindset can be integrated. We provide a full project review service and will make recommendations on whether a form of MMC will be suitable for the current design. This is not an efficient way of integrating MMC but we have worked on projects where, through following our AnyOffsite Optioneering Process, programme and budget savings have emerged. This may not involve changing the structural components but could include other forms of MMC. Our process includes high level cost plans and programmes for different solutions to enable a fully informed decision to be made.

What are the different forms of MMC?

We believe adopting industry wide standards and a common language will greatly enhance the understanding of different technologies. We see no reason to re-invent the wheel and are pleased to adopt the only set of published definitions from the MHCLG, created by Cast Consultancy:

Top 5 tips for Developers and asset owners

We offer a comprehensive process which has been proven to provide significant benefits if fully adopted. It goes without saying therefore, that starting with an open mind to different forms of construction is the foremost recommendation. Other top tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid of the dark
  2. Do your research into the market(s) and stakeholders
  3. Analyse different options for each project and engage your design, manufacture and delivery team early
  4. Appraise each option from Social, Economic and Environmental perspectives
  5. Digitalise your data and processes

Top 5 tips for Contractors

With the growing interest in offsite and modern methods of construction it is imperative that contractors develop the necessary skills to offer their clients an efficient methodology and understand the benefits and limitations of each different system. Our top tips are:

  1. Understand the benefits, risks and limitations of different technologies
  2. Collaborate and share information with whole of the supply chain
  3. Develop a robust environmental and procurement strategy for the chosen technology
  4. Gain full understanding of project milestones and how this will affect cashflow
  5. Develop a BIM action plan with Gap Analysis (if not starting at RIBA 0)
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